A Whimsical Interview

My first post talked about “whimsy” so I thought I’d give you an example from a previous blog. I had fun writing this “interview.” And, I just love the picture. Doesn’t she have a “Snow Princess” kind of look?481084_10151489434097300_581840499_n[1]

I have my heroine, Lady Caroline (Cara) Pemberton, from “The Perfect Duke” visiting with me today, and she’s brought along some of her Fairy Tale friends. Cara, what question did you chose to answer from the list I gave you?

 “As I’m about to be married, I thought we’d talk about what we look for in Prince Charming.”  With a mischievous grin, and her hands neatly folded in her lap, Cara tilts her head and raises one eyebrow.

“Let me start.”The Little Mermaid settles on a nearby chair, her red curls bouncing along her arms.  “My ideal man has to accept me for who I am-tail and all. Not that I have a tail now, but our backgrounds are very different. He has to desire me in spite of a few minor…okay, maybe not so minor obstacles.” She fingers the pearls at her throat. “Oh, and he has to love the water.”

“Exactly, persistence in the face of obstacles can be very sexy.” With a sigh, Cinderella’s brilliant blue eyes take on a dreamy quality. ““My  Prince will search for the one person who will face life’s challenges with him, and when he finds her-he’ll never let her go.” Wisps of silver-blond hair circle her as she pirouettes around the room. “

“Obviously, I’m the only realist in the group.” Snow White folds her arms and leans against the door frame, her dark hair a stark contrast to the light plaster molding. “Call me shallow, but he has to be very good looking and an exceptional kisser.” At Cinderella’s indrawn breath, Snow turns to her with raised eyebrows. “Now, don’t tell me that doesn’t matter to you. I mean, really, do you want to wake up every morning to a slobbery kiss?”

 “No, of course not. I’ve thought about it. But…”  Cinderella turns to Cara, her honey complexion tinged with red. “Do we need to discuss this?”

A petite brunette steps between Cinderella and Snow. “Let’s just say, physical appearance is important, but it can be deceptive.” Belle pinned Snow with a steady stare, her heart-shaped face serious. “We have to live with these men ‘Ever After.’ Do you really want your Prince to simply look good and know how to kiss? The man I love has more to him than that, and when faced with a choice, he’ll do the right thing.”

Cara stands. “You all have good points, but no man-or woman-is perfect. I don’t expect my duke to pretend the past didn’t happen, think of me first or always do the right thing. But I know he’ll try, and I can’t ask more than that from the man I love.

“Wonderful point Cara. I can see why Garret Weston, the Duke of Kendal is madly in love with you. All the best in your coming nuptials!”


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