Romantic Musings

Loves Guardian TRR specsI don’t know about you, but my thoughts bounce all over the place when I first wake up in the morning. As I burrowed my face into the pillow this morning, trying to get back to sleep, I started wondering why I “didn’t” want to be the heroine in the book I just finished.

Part of the reason I read and write romance is that I want the fantasy of becoming the heroine, feeling the longing and ultimate wonder of loving and being loved. But this time, I just didn’t get caught up in the characters.

It’s funny, everything was there on a “logical” level. I could understand why these two people were perfect for each other, the history was accurate, there was adventure and the setting was described in such detail I felt like I’d been there. So why didn’t I connect?

Hook & Emma in Once Upon a Time
Hook & Emma in Once Upon a Time

I think I missed the “longing.” Now, everyone “longs” in their own way. As I prefer alpha males, I long for heroes who have secrets and love is not the first thing on their mind. As the heroine gets to know him, she realizes he’s a danger to who or what she is, but she just can’t seem to stop herself. She wants him. She needs to know what made him as he is, she’s attracted by his looks and the unconscious things he does to fool the world-but not her.

Sometimes the longing is done by the male, as in the Carpathian series by Christine Feehan. In this case, it’s the heroine trying to maintain her identity and desiring to have a “choice.” Either way, it’s the yearning to make that person a part of your life, knowing that if it doesn’t happen, you’ll never stop loving them.imagesIJI5264I

I’m curious, how do you see “longing” demonstrated? What is the best story you’ve ever read that shows the connection between the hero and heroine?

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