A Paperwhite and Basket Thank You!

Snow Gift basket 007 (1)[1]I’ve always loved to read. I take that back, until I was in 3rd grade I had no idea what “reading” was all about. A teacher finally figured out I needed glasses and had missed phonics. My life would have been very different had not a special reading instructor stepped in and taught me that it’s FUN to read. I am so thankful that she inspired me.

Now I have someone else to thank – YOU! When I first started down the writing path I did it because I wasn’t finding enough of the books that I love to read. I know it’s a cliché, but I really AM a terrible romantic. I love alpha males, worthy heroines, great banter, historical accuracy and a  “sigh” when I reach that “Happily Ever After” ending. I wasn’t finding enough stories, so I thought I’d write my own. (Not nearly as easy as it sounds.)

Through all the classes, conferences, workshops and revisions, I knew my stories needed to be told. Over the last two years, you’ve proved to me that I have a lot of kindred souls out there who are inspired by romance, whimsy and love.

Thank you for making all the long hours in front of my computer a joy. I appreciate the time you take to read my books, and it’s my fondest hope that you’ll look for, or take time to make, “romance” in our world.

As a more tangible show of my appreciation, please go to:                                                                  www.dawn-ireland.com You’ll be able to enter a drawing on a blog hop I’m doing with other writers to thank our loyal readers. You can win a Kindle Paperwhite, the above basket of chocolate, lots of free books and more.

1 thought on “A Paperwhite and Basket Thank You!

  1. So exciting to have “met” you on Nina Mason’s blog, Dawn! I crave and devour historical romances and am always looking for new authors. BTW, I love your red hair! Irish descendants? Red hair runs in my family and, sadly, I didn’t get it myself. Boo hoo. Now I gotta go shopping at Amazon for a book of yours. 🙂 jdh2690@gmail.com

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