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A Leprechaun’s Love

images“Will you be choosing the gold or the Leprechaun?” The Irish glen fairly rang with a voice that didn’t quite sound human.

Maddy stared at the tiny man who could have walked from the pages of the Celtic Myth volumes that she used to teach her class. She’d been piecing clues together for the last five years, but now that she had the Leprechaun and gold in her sight, she realized she’d never really believed.

The creature’s bored voice. and raised bushy eyebrows caused her to study him. He either didn’t care about the outcome, or he wanted to hurry her along for another reason. Leprechauns were known for their trickery. She needed time to puzzle it out. “Were you born one of the Wee Folk?”

He looked startled for a moment, then something else, regret or anger passed over his features. “We’re not allowed to tell of our past. As ye found me out, you need to choose.”

She twisted her long black hair into a knot at her nape, feeling the warmth of the morning sun on her bare arms. Her life had always been about her work. At twenty-seven she’d surpassed many in her field, but here she was, with the proof that her theories were correct, and she’d have no one to share her accomplishment. “How much gold is in the pot?”

“Does it really matter?” He moved to the overflowing kettle, which sat atop a mound in the center of the glen. Birds sang sweetly and butterflies wove patterns in the air above his head, but he reached down, hefted a gold coin, then tossed it at her. “More than you’ll ever need.”

Her hand came up, but the coin bounced off the tips of her fingers. Okay, so maybe she didn’t have great hand-eye coordination.

The Leprechaun smirked.

“Who needs to be able to catch?” She turned, then bent to retrieve the coin from the grass. Maybe he would disappear if she didn’t keep him in her sight. When she spun around it was obvious the Leprechaun had been ogling her backside. “Are all the fairy folk this rude?”

“Not rude-appreciative.”

She could see it in his eyes, he meant what he said. “Thank you.” Somehow, this little man made her feel more attractive than the hollow compliments of the grad students and professor’s she’d known. “Do you have a name?”

“I’ve not got all day.” In truth, he had nothing but time. Still, her interest in him hurt. It stirred hope, and hope could cut deeper than the keenest blade.

When she simply stared at him with those black-fringed blue eyes he let out a noisy breath. “ Fine, ‘tis Maximilian.”

“Max.” Her low voice caressed his name.” He swallowed. For three hundred years he’d played out this same scenario. For the first hundred, he’d tried seducing the women. It had been humiliating to realize that without his true form, no woman saw beyond the shine of gold. And only a woman who chose him over money could free him from his hell.

“Nowhere, in any of my books, does it say anything about making a choice.” The woman tipped her head and her eyes narrowed. “The gold should be mine because I outwitted you.”

“You didn’t. I let you find me.” He shoved his hands in his pocket. “I always let beautiful women find me. It’s an old habit. One I should break.” Why would a woman chose what he’d become over security?

She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “What happens if I choose you?”

Max’s heart started to pound. He’d never been asked that question before. “Look, Miss..” He held his hands out, palms up, fingers spread. “What is your name?”


“Look, Maddy. I don’t know. It’s never happened.” He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. “I suspect we’ll be bound in some way.”

“How long?”

“How long what?”

“Have you been doing this job?”

“Nearly three hundred years.”

The expression of pity on her face made him angry. He’d brought this on himself with his arrogance and pride, but he would not let her feel sorry for him. “I don’t need your pity, or your help. You’ll be leaving once you claim your gold.”

“No, I won’t.” She stepped to him and smoothed down one scraggly eyebrow. “I was never in this for the money. I needed to prove that magic exists. And now I know it does.”

He searched her face, and what he saw made hope slam into his chest. She smiled, a smile that warmed her face, her eyes – and his heart.

“I chose you Maximilian. Gold is fleeting. True riches lie in valuing others.”

He felt the change at her words. Mist swirled around him. His limbs stretched and he rolled his broad shoulders. As his vision cleared, he once again wore the dark, blue, velvet waistcoat that had been his on the night he’d unwisely taunted the witch.

Maddy stared at him, and he couldn’t help the smile that turned up the corners of his mouth at her incredulous expression. He bowed, then took her hand and brought it to his lips. “You have freed me.”

A voice filled the glade, and Max recognized the witch who’d put him through such torment. “Well, Max.  I still don’t see the appeal, but obviously she’s smitten. Consider the gold my wedding gift.”

Max cupped Maddy’s face. “And are you? Smitten?”leprechan

Her eyes had gone wide and her voice sounded shaky. “You’re gorgeous!”

“Well, that’s a start.” And he sealed their future with a kiss.

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thetitheThe Tithe

By Elle Hill

Genre: Science fiction romance

Heat level: Sensuous

Back blurb:

“Every seven years, seven persons from each of the ten towns must go into the desert, where they will enter into the realm of Elovah, their God.”

No one knows exactly what happens to these seventy Tithes, but everyone knows who:  the “unworkables,” those with differing physical and mental capacities. Joshua Barstow, raised for twenty years among her town’s holy women, is one of these seventy Tithes. She is joined by the effervescent Lynna, the scholarly Avery, and the amoral Blue, a man who has spent most of his life in total solitude.

Each night, an angel swoops down to take one of their numbers. Each night, that is, except the first, when the angel touches Josh… and leaves her. What is so special about Josh? She doesn’t feel special; she feels like a woman trying to survive while finally learning the meanings of friendship, community, and love.

How funny that she had to be sacrificed to find reasons to live.


The lights in the Great Room went out.

No flickers, no dimming, no sizzling sounds—nothing. Just darkness where light used to be.

A man cried out and several people gasped.

“It’s all right, everyone,” Marcus called. Really, he was beginning to annoy Josh, too. He didn’t know that. No one did. “I’m sure this has—”

A whooshing sound, like air displaced, sliced through the room. For a tiny, tense moment, no one spoke.

“Is it an angel?” a child’s voice asked.

Several voices broke out then, some in shouts, some in startled cries, one or two in terror.

Just like the night before, the fold and crack of feathered wings in motion breathed through the room. Weak light from the multiple hallways leaked through the perimeters. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the sudden darkness, Josh found she could identify vague outlines.

Someone a few seats down leapt to her feet and hurled herself toward Josh, perhaps seeking the sterile safety of the kitchen. She stumbled over Josh’s outstretched legs and hurtled to the ground. Josh gasped in pain.

And still, the snap and sigh of wings overhead.

Josh wanted to stand up, to defend herself. She wanted to shrink into the upholstery, to make herself as small as possible. In the end, she sat still, trembling in indecision.

“The angels!” someone cried in something like terror, or perhaps ecstasy.

“Keep them away from me!” Someone—she thought it might be Len—shrieked.

Several people jumped to their feet and pushed their way through the room, seeking some kind of safety. The woman who’d tripped over Josh lay whimpering on the ground.

Whump, whump . . .

A warm arm encircled Josh’s shoulder. She shrieked before realizing it belonged to Blue. The baggy sleeves of his black tunic partially covered her head. She turned to him, and he pressed her closer.

I don’t think I want to court you, she remembered him saying, and almost sprayed laughter. Who knew they’d practically snuggle later that day?

The thump of wings grew closer. An outline of a human-sized object hurtled through the air and the darkness toward her. What had to be its wings spread around it, moving and tilting. Some stray ray of light gleamed whitely off the area where eyes should be. They seemed fixed directly on her.


Email: elle@ellehill.com

Website: www.ellehill.com

Blog: ellehillauthor.blogspot.com/

Book buy link: http://www.amazon.com/Tithe-Elle-Hill-ebook/dp/B00MVCPJFG

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Double TLove on the Double T by Patricia Hudson

Western Romance


Buy link:      http://www.amazon.com/Love-Double-T-Second-Chances-ebook/dp/B00PHZWTC0/ref=asap_B00EXO7P52_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1416864351&sr=1-1


Molly Mckintock has had enough! She and her daughter, Joanna, escape the terror of an abusive husband and flee to the Double T Ranch in Oklahoma. Never did she expect to fall in love with the handsome rancher who offers her protection, but Joe is everything a man should be. He’s kind, trustworthy, and passionate. The day they kiss in his office, the way he groans with desire, the longing in his eyes tells her all she needs to know.

But eventually, Molly’s violent past catches up with her in this suspenseful romantic thriller. Will her estranged husband reclaim his most prized possession, or will love on The Double T conquer all!


Molly ran her fingers across the worn leather halter as she opened the closet door. How could she not? It hung from the doorknob and had for eight years. The sight and feel of its frayed seams and dull buckles brought the memories flooding back—her beautiful thoroughbred, Daven, flying over the jumps, her younger self perched on his back, the cool wind on her face, a sense of invincibility soaring through her.

When he died, she walked away from horses and never turned back. It was only when she had to get into the darned closet that the vision crashed into her mind, reminding her of a better time. She could move the halter, but some part of her wanted to stay connected, couldn’t bear to erase that part of her life.

With Joanna to care for, she didn’t have much time to remember her past. Her days were filled with the usual things mothers of seven-year-olds do . . . carpooling, Girl Scouts, play dates and nagging to get homework done. It was left to her to do the parenting. John had no interest in being a father.

Molly dragged the vacuum cleaner from the closet. John would be home soon. She’d been busy with errands all day and hadn’t had a chance to run the vacuum. She doubted that he cared, but if she didn’t get it done, it would be one more excuse for him to berate her. There was enough without her adding to the list.

She called into her daughter’s bedroom, “Joanna, ten more minutes and lights out.”

“Mommy, please, I want to finish the movie,” Joanna whined.

Molly didn’t answer. Focused on her chores, her palms sweaty and her heart racing, she buzzed through the rooms. It dawned on her that she hadn’t started dinner yet, and John would be home any minute. Leaving the vacuum in front of the closet door, she rushed to the kitchen.

She shoved the pan of pork chops into the oven and grabbed a bag of potatoes. Scraping away the peel with shaking hands, she caught her knuckle with the razor sharp peeler. Sucking the blood, she rummaged through the cupboard for a vegetable. John hated canned vegetables, but she had no choice tonight and seized a can of corn, emptying the contents into a saucepan to heat.

The front door opened. Dear God, she hadn’t put the vacuum away and dinner would be at least another hour. Heart pounding, she grabbed a beer and went into the living room to greet him.


Facebook:   www.facebook.com/AuthorPHudson

Twitter: @authorPHudson

WordPress: http://patriciahudson1011.wordpress.com

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This week I’m welcoming Sandra to my blog. She comes to us from “Down Under” and brings her brilliant imagination to her stories.

Love Encoded Cover SmallTitle: Love, Encoded

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Heat Level: Sizzling

Website: http://www.sandraharrisauthor.com

Buy Link: http://tinyurl.com/pz2b22u


Book 1 in the Selected Evolution Series

Do you really know who you are? What you are?

Earth: Near Future

Experience has taught Sarah Rasmussen that hot guys don’t go for geeks like her. Their retreat speed is usually proportional to the value of her IQ. However, for every rule it seems there is an exception—or in her lucky case, two.

When confronted with the disturbing fact she has been genetically manipulated in order to save an alien race stranded on Earth for a thousand years, she needs the strength of the men’s devotion to deal with the life-changing news. But when she learns that the love of the two men she has come to care for deeply is not quite as it appears, it could shatter her heart forever.

Nick Bannister and Adam McKeoun will never stop fighting to convince Sarah she is their world, no matter what the source of their emotion. They will let nothing stand in their way of forging a happiness that will transcend any challenge, especially not a calculating and determined enemy bent on Sarah’s destruction.


Fear coated Sarah Rasmussen’s harsh, rapid breath.

Her feet pounded over the uneven, dirt track and she pushed her body hard to keep the pace up a rise. Through the thick, early morning mist the familiar stippled trunks of spotted gum loomed like every nightmare she’d ever had. Her heart beat a frantic rhythm against her ribcage and her ears strained to catch the slightest sound of her pursuer.

She pulled to an abrupt halt, heaving cold air into her starved lungs, then struggled against her desperate need for oxygen to smother her gasping breath and listen. Through the mist the echo of footsteps slowed, halted. Sickening apprehension corkscrewed through her stomach. A shiver prickled her heated skin.

She tried to force some semblance of calm over her panicking wits, but her instincts would not be denied. The fact that initially an unseen runner seemed to play cat and mouse with her had spooked her. They’d remained out of sight, had not responded to any of the hails she sent into the mist. She’d even taken a small sidetrack to try and throw them off.

The footsteps picked up again and the possibility of what might happen if she were caught speared a surge of black fear through her heart. Adrenaline charged through her body and she took off, feet flying over the rough surface of the track. The sole of her shoe landed heavily on a small rock. Her ankle collapsed and she lurched sideways, straining every muscle to remain upright. Twisting, burning sensation ripped through her right calf. She choked a cry as she tumbled to the hard ground, her running shorts and sleeveless top providing little protection. Every bone in her body jarred to the cruel impact.

A whimper of frustration and dread escaped her lips as the strangling pain of cramp throbbed through her leg. She made to stand. Agony tore through her lower limb and she collapsed back to the hard dirt. Desperation and pain stole her strength and for a moment she huddled on the ground in a limp mass. She dragged determination from the depths of her soul and pulled herself together, raised a shaking fist and pummelled it into the tight knot of her muscle. Again. Again. Her weak punches had no effect.

Footsteps approached. Terror twisted her nerves. Her skin felt like it wanted to crawl off somewhere and hide. She’d love it to do just that, so long as it took her with it.

Maybe I’m just being fanciful.

Her fears seemed to think otherwise, coiling nausea through her stomach. She pushed herself to her hands and knees. Sharp-edged pebbles and forest debris dug into her flesh as she crawled off the track. She thrust her back to the wide girth of a big gum tree and forced her breath into slow, deep inhalations. Heart faint and fingers trembling, she pulled her cell phone from a pocket again. And again hope died at the lack of coverage bars.

That shouldn’t happen. Not here.

She closed her eyes tight and bunched her fists against escalating terror.

Get a grip, Sarah. Get a grip.

The cool air brushed a clammy hand against her hot skin. A soft footfall and the rustle of clothing drifted through the mist. She snapped her eyes open. Gravel crunched. Her heart exploded into a wild gallop. Frantic, she scanned the ground for a weapon. Anything. A rock . . . sand . . . broken glass left by a careless hiker . . . anything. The smooth, pearl grey bark of a discarded ghost gum branch poked through yellowing clumps of grass. She lunged for it, wrapped her fingers around its width and lifted. The weight of the solid, four-foot piece of wood eased a little confidence into her mind.

Yeah, and now I’m being self-delusional.

Despite her doubts, her resolve strengthened. Looming shadows snatched her attention to the edge of the mist. Dark shapes moved towards her. Her heart leapt to her throat. She struggled to her feet, put her back to the tree and hefted the branch across her shoulder.

Two big, jeans and T-shirt clad men stepped clearly into her vision.

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Caseys Courage (1)




Love hunkers down and hides but abides until Casey and Tres realize life without love is just existing not really living.

Just as accomplished horse trainer Casey Mason, PhD feels she’s earned her independence, disaster strikes and her life is forever changed. She must put her life back together bit by piece. The obstacles and her old beliefs seem insurmountable; making her wonder if love can conquer all.

Jordan Spencer III (Tres) inherits Spencer Ranch where Casey, the riding buddy of his youth, still lives. Casey, a beautiful, complex woman, slips into his mind and heart. Bitter experiences make him shy away from a serious relationship with a woman; yet he and Casey have a special connection. As she struggles with her rehabilitation, he micromanages her life with quiet efficiency until he pushes her past some invisible line. When Casey disappears from his life, he learns more about himself than makes him comfortable. Coming to terms with the past so he can move on to a future with Casey is a challenge that tests his mettle.

About the Author:

 Neva Brown, a retired secondary teacher/administrator, now enjoys the challenge of writing romance novels and doing editing for other romance writers. She has even ventured into the social media world of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as having a website; nevabrown-author@weebly.com . Her family accepts her eccentricities with equanimity. Neva spent most of her life on West Texas ranches and uses that culture and environment in many of her stories. She and her husband now live at Rio Concho West in San Angelo, Texas. They enjoy visits from their two sons and their families, are always delighted to hear from old friends, and are amazed at how well they have adjusted to ‘city’ living. Neva loves to hear from her readers. She can be reached at joneva@suddenlink.net  



Thursday Threads

This week join me in welcoming a husband and wife team. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this creative collaboration.

C.D. Hersh Bio:
Putting words and stories on paper is second nature to co-authors C.D. Hersh. They’ve written separately since they were teenagers and discovered their unique, collaborative abilities in the mid-90s. As high school sweethearts and husband and wife, Catherine and Donald believe in true love and happily ever after.

Together they have co-authored a number of dramas, six which have been produced in Ohio, where they live. Their interactive Christmas production had five seasonal runs in their hometown and has been sold in Virginia, California, and Ohio. Their most recent collaborative writing efforts have been focused on romance. The first book of their paranormal romance series entitled The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles) is available on Amazon. The second book in the series Blood Brothers is coming this summer.

Cover Reveal – Blood Brothers (The Turning Stone Chronicles20140417 Blood Brothers Cover

Coming summer 2014 from Soul Mate Publishing

A Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: Sensual

We are very happy with our cover and excited to share it for the first time on the Thursday Threads group post. Only our daughter and closest friends have seen the cover before now. The SMP artist did a wonderful job in capturing the concept of our book and the city skyline continues to be a part of the cover as this is the second book in the five part series of The Turning Stone Chronicles which primarily takes places in and around Cleveland.

When our heroine Delaney Ramsey saw she is on the cover of our new book she about passed out. Not unlike she did when Rhys tried to bring out her alter ego. She just couldn’t believe she had made the cover. Delaney has never wanted to be noticed or the center of attention, but she now is out there for the world to see.

When Delaney Ramsey is enlisted to help train two of the most powerful shape shifters the Turning Stone Society has seen in thousands of years, she suspects one of them is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter. To complicate matters, the man has a secret that could destroy them all. Bound by honor to protect the suspect, Delaney must prove his guilt without losing her life to his terrible powers or revealing to the police captain she’s falling for that she’s a shape shifter with more than one agenda.

The minute Captain Williams lays eyes on Delaney Ramsey, he knows she’s trouble. Uncooperative, secretive, and sexy, he can’t get her out of his mind. When he discovers she has a personal agenda for sifting through all the criminal records in his precinct, and secretly investigating his best detective, he can’t let her out of his sight. He must find out what she’s looking for before she does something illegal. If she steps over the line, he’s not certain he can look the other way for the sake of love.

The telephone jangling pulled Delaney Ramsey out of a deep sleep. Moving the digital clock on the nightstand closer to her, she squinted at the bright green numbers. Three a.m. She fumbled for the receiver.
“If you’re calling at this ungodly hour, someone better be dead,” she mumbled into the phone.

“Delaney, ’tis Eli McCraigen.”

Sitting up, she pulled the duvet cover with her. Why was the Keeper of the Stone calling her? “What’s wrong, Eli?”

“Dinna worry yerself. ’Tis good news.”

Slumping against the headboard, she yawned, the adrenalin draining away with his words. “If it’s such good news, why couldn’t you wait until tomorrow?”

“I need ye tae call a special meeting o’ the council before they get away from the city.”

“All fifteen?”

“Nay, only the senior council. I’ve a new Promised One tae present.”

“Why wasn’t he presented last night at Samhain?”

“He hadnae committed tae the cause, and he dinna have a ring until minutes before midnight.”

“This is highly irregular, Eli. I don’t know if I can get the council to agree.”

“Ye have tae. He’s a verra special man.”

“A Promised One who hasn’t even had his ring more than a few hours. That’s unheard of. How can you expect someone like that to pass even one proof test?”

“He’s already shown me two–and they’re not the paltry tests most Promised Ones have failed. He has the elusive, legendary powers, and he did them using the power of other shifters’ rings.”

She snapped awake. “Other shifters’ rings? Whose?”

“Mine, Alexi Jordan’s and Sylvia Jordan’s.”

Delaney switched the light on, knocking her reading glasses to the floor with the motion. Great. She’d just bought them. Leaning over the edge of the bed, she retrieved the glasses and put them on. “Sylvia Jordan Riley?”

“’Tis that what the she-witch is calling herself now?”

“Seems so. Her name has come across my desk in her official capacity with Homeland Security.”

“That’s the other thing I need from ye. Sylvia’s butting intae Rhys’ and Alexi’s jobs and personal lives. I’m pretty certain she knows what he is, too. I need reinforcements.”

In all the years she’d known Eli, he’d never asked for assistance. And he comes to me now. At the worst possible time. “I’m honored you’d think of me, but I can’t do more than call the council for you. Ask one of them to get your reinforcements.”

“Fine, the council can arrange that, but I need ye on a more personal mission.”

“I’m in the middle of something very important and time consuming. I can’t help.”

“Dinna ye know who’s asking ye, lassie?”

She knew all right. The most powerful man in the entire Turning Stone Society. She was crazy to even consider refusing him. Her position on the council rested on his say so. However, finding her daughter meant more to her than anything else. “Normally I’d be willing to die for you, Eli, but–”

“Let’s pray dying won’t be what we’ll be needing. But I could be putting ye in a verra dangerous position.”

That did it. No way could she help if it might cost her life. Not now. Not until she found Lila. “I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“I need ye, Delaney. Come tae University Hospital and see me. I’m in ER.”

“ER? Are you all right?”

“We had a little run-in with a panther.”

Connect with C.D. Hersh
Website: http://cdhersh.wordpress.com/
Soul Mate Publishing: http://smpauthors.wordpress.com/
Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/cdhershauthor
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/C.-D.-Hersh/e/B00DV5L7ZI
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorCDHersh
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/CDHersh

Buy Link for Promised One, first book in series:
Amazon buy link: http://t.co/yW59QqvkLh

Thursday Threads

Today’s SMP author is for all you folks who love contemporary romance. It’s amazing to me that “romance novels”  come in so many forms, you’re bound to find one you like.

Title: CASEY’S COURAGECaseys Courage (1)

Genre: Contemporary

Heat Level: Sensual


When they finally stopped swimming and stood up in the shallow end of the pool, the icy wind of early fall shocked them both into quick action…he grabbed a huge beach towel and wrapped it round her and hugged her tightly, pressing her body against his own.

Shivering from the cold, Casey snuggled close to Tres. As her shaking eased, she became more aware of his body. He had one arm round her shoulders and the other lower. His hand was on her bottom, pressing her against him from head to toe. He wasn’t cold. His hot, full arousal pulsating against her abdomen fueled a new kind of shiver in her. She leaned into his maleness with primal need. His eyes, bright and feral, devoured her. As she wiggled to step away, he moved his hand from her shoulder to the back of her head. His lips brushed her temple and cheek, trailed down to her neck, then settled gently on her lips that had parted in awe at the sensations she felt. The motion of his mouth against hers sent sparks through her blood. His tongue traced her lips, slipping inside to touch her tongue as he moved his hand to palm her breast and smooth his thumb across the engorged nipple.

The towel slipped to the floor. He gently brushed aside a strap of her swimsuit. As his lips left hers and closed over her exposed breast, her eyes flew open in panic. Jerking her arms from around his waist, not remembering having put them there, she whispered, “Tres, please. I can’t handle this.” She breathed in shallow gasps.

Slowly, he released her breast and raised his head. Pulling the strap up and encasing her throbbing breast, he frowned. “You look like you’ve never been kissed before.”

In awe, she said, “Not like that.”

Tres studied her through a haze of thwarted desire and let her step away from him. His thoughts raced. Has she forgotten that part of her life, or is she telling the truth? 




A Paperwhite and Basket Thank You!

Snow Gift basket 007 (1)[1]I’ve always loved to read. I take that back, until I was in 3rd grade I had no idea what “reading” was all about. A teacher finally figured out I needed glasses and had missed phonics. My life would have been very different had not a special reading instructor stepped in and taught me that it’s FUN to read. I am so thankful that she inspired me.

Now I have someone else to thank – YOU! When I first started down the writing path I did it because I wasn’t finding enough of the books that I love to read. I know it’s a cliché, but I really AM a terrible romantic. I love alpha males, worthy heroines, great banter, historical accuracy and a  “sigh” when I reach that “Happily Ever After” ending. I wasn’t finding enough stories, so I thought I’d write my own. (Not nearly as easy as it sounds.)

Through all the classes, conferences, workshops and revisions, I knew my stories needed to be told. Over the last two years, you’ve proved to me that I have a lot of kindred souls out there who are inspired by romance, whimsy and love.

Thank you for making all the long hours in front of my computer a joy. I appreciate the time you take to read my books, and it’s my fondest hope that you’ll look for, or take time to make, “romance” in our world.

As a more tangible show of my appreciation, please go to:                                                                  www.dawn-ireland.com You’ll be able to enter a drawing on a blog hop I’m doing with other writers to thank our loyal readers. You can win a Kindle Paperwhite, the above basket of chocolate, lots of free books and more.

Thursday Threads

I know we all like finding a new favorite author, and with that in mind, each Thursday I’m going to be introducing you to some of the Soul Mate Publishing family. Today we’ll be starting with Steven Mitchell. (Check out my website www.Dawn-Ireland.com, you’ll see we did a “whimsical” interview on my blog section.) He’s a lot of fun and I hope you’ll take time to learn about his work.

Title: Son of Thunder          Genre: Paranormal RomanceSon of Thunder - Steven Mitchell

Heat: Sizzling

The son of the Thunder God, Thor, has a lot to live up to…and no time for love.


The man looked like a god. Then again, he was one. . .

Jord Thorson was a god– the son of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. In his search to find his missing father, Jord seeks out the mortal, Meghan Larson, who is in possession of his only clue–Megingjörð, Thor’s magical belt of power.

But when the belt decides to take matters into its own hands, locking itself around Meghan’s waist, Jord and Meghan are plunged into the middle of a massive conflict that rages across the heavens.

Giants, magical artifacts, and a golden city in the clouds weren’t exactly what Meghan Larson expected when that amazing belt arrived at her museum. Now Megingjörð is stuck around her waist and talking to her in her head. She’s got to be dreaming, but with the wonders around her and hunky Jord Thorson at her side, Meghan’s not sure she wants to wake up.


The rainbow ended on a street that appeared to be paved with silver stones. Jord pulled up to the first building, a tall tower of a structure. As he turned off the cycle Meghan jumped from the seat and swatted his shoulder.

“You might have warned me a bit, about what to expect.” Her heart was still racing, but now that her feet appeared to be on solid ground again she felt herself calming down.

“Be honest.” He smiled at her. “Would you have believed me if I’d told you?”

Had anything that had happened to her lately been believable?

“No,” she admitted.

“Jord!” A husky voice called from the doorway of the building. “Welcome home.”

A large man in blue jeans and a black t-shirt with an ornate sword belt strapped around his waist leaned on the doorpost of the tower entrance. He had short blond hair and a very full beard. The sword at his side had to be almost four feet long. He was smiling and waving.

“Heimie.” Jord went to take his outstretched hand. “Any news of my father?”

“None that I’ve heard,” Heimie replied. “Your grandfather has been looking for you though. Maybe he has some news I haven’t heard.”

“There isn’t anything you haven’t heard, Heimie.” He patted the man on the shoulder.

The man then looked a Meghan, raising one of his eyebrows. “And what do we have here?”

Jord turned to her. “Heimie, meet Meghan Larson. Meghan this is Heimdall, guardian of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. He’s kind of like the TSA at airports.”

“Welcome, Meghan Larson,” Heimdall said. “Welcome to Asgaard.”


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